The West Side of The Coachella Valley Kinda Sucked at Conserving Water Last Month

California Drought

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California continues to be in a terrible, awful, disgusting drought. Along with the lack of water has come a new trend of drought shaming.  But without a “scoreboard”, what cities would be able to drought shame the fuck out of other cities?

Problem solved!

The State Water Resources Control Board surveyed 362 cities, private water companies and water districts to see who exactly is using and conserving the most water, a “scoreboard” if you will.

In Palm Springs (home of most Valley drought shamers), water usage was only down 0.2% in July (Desert Water Agency). Meanwhile, the City of Indio reduced water usage 4.2%.  No local community can touch Banning, who dropped their water usage by 7.6%. Somehow, Beaumont managed to use 4.6% more water (get ready for some shaming Beaumont!).

Here is a list of local communities and their decreased (or increased!) water usage in July:

  • City of Banning: -7.6%
  • City of Twentynine Palms: -5.3
  • City of Indio: -4.2%
  • Coachella Valley Water District: -1.7%
  • Desert Water Agency (Palm Springs / Cathedral City): -0.2
  • City of Beaumont: +4.6 (!!!)

Mission Springs Water District, Hi-Desert Water District, and Coachella Water Authority were not included in the survey results.

The complete list of reported cities / areas in California is here:

urban_water_conservation_mandatory_results081514 – Summary – July data sort