Eye on The Desert’s “Best of” Seems Legit

Viewers of CBS Local 2’s “Eye on the Desert” have been treated this week to yet another “best of” The Coachella Valley thing, because Lord knows the 20+ that we already have are just not enough. While normally a “best of” is conducted as just a way for a media company to get tons of visits to their website (hello higher banner ad rates!) this version conducted its voting on Facebook with likes and comments.  And that just seems like a really accurate way to choose the best things in town…because journalism!  So far, a few categories have been revealed and the winner in each seem pretty legit:

  • Best fitness spot: C Fitness Ladies Workout
  • Best Bar: Tilted Kilt
  • Best Hotel: Terra Cotta Inn, which prompted this…

Obviously, these are by far and away the best places in town in their respective categories.