Food Trucks Now Allowed In Amboy and Landers, Still Not in Palm Desert

Roy's Amboy

Congratulations Palm Springs and Palm Desert, you have now let the metropolises of Amboy, Landers, Yermo, and Phelan pass you by.

The County Board of Supervisors gave to go ahead on Tuesday to for food trucks to set up shop freely throughout San Bernardino County’s unincorporated areas.  “We’re really the last county in the state to allow food trucks. I’m glad that it’s finally happened,” Supervisor Janice Rutherford said.

The rules do not apply to the county’s incorporated cities, who are able to pass their own regulations regarding food trucks – much the way that Palm Desert and Palm Springs have done with theirs, which are now less progressive than Nipton, Pioneertown, and Sugarloaf.