For just $100k, you can golf with Donald Trump in Rancho Mirage next week

If you have been wondering what you should do with that extra $100,000 you have laying around, you should know you can spend it on a round of golf with President Donald Trump at Larry Ellison’s Rancho Mirage estate next week.

And while it might be hard to imagine President Trump golfing instead of leading the Free World, KESQ reports that the Orange Guy in Chief will be holding a fundraiser at Porcupine Creek on Wednesday, February 19, with a contribution of $250,000 getting you into roundtable with Donald Trump, a photo opportunity allowing Trump to eventually deny he that he knows you, and golf outing for two.

Now, if for some reason you don’t have a quarter of a million bucks to spend, for a measly $100k, you get to play some golf and have a photo opportunity, with a man who is braving windmill cancer to be in the desert with you.

Of course, with the President visiting, that means there will undoubtedly be some unexpected traffic delays that, unlike Obama’s visits, your grandparents will totally be okay with this time around.

It also means that there will probably be a chance to check out Air Force One at the Palm Springs International Airport, which you should definitely do, because it’s really cool.