Is this local weather guesser a Secret Service agent?


KESQ Weather Guesser Jeff Forgeron took a break from posting maps and, well, more maps on his Facebook page today to post a photo of him and the President of the United States. So how the hell did that happen?

I reached out to Forgeron, who said he could not give details about the photo – taken at Porcupine Creek during President Obama’s last visit to the Coachella Valley – which leaves us only to wildly (and recklessly) speculate how he got a photo with the Leader of the Free World:

  • Forgeron is a part time Secret Service agent
  • Forgeron has been hiding out for months at the golf course waiting for the President to return
  • Forgeron can more accurately predict where the President will be than the weather for the next five days
  • Forgeron is one of Obama’s high school buddies that he always golfs with
  • President Obama is a HUGE fan of TBS reality shows
  • Forgeron is a part time pilot of Air Force One
  • Forgeron is Obama’s real estate agent
  • The White House sent the invite to the wrong weather guesser (sorry Ginger Jeffries)
  • The Weather Guesser is not telling the truth (it has happened before)

Whatever it might be, Forgeron did not bring Obama to karaoke with us in Indio…and that is just disappointing.

What are your theories?  Speculate in the comments below…

Had the honor of meeting President Barack Obama during his February visit to the Coachella Valley.

Posted by Meteorologist Jeff Forgeron NC25 on Wednesday, March 2, 2016