Guy with ‘F*ck Cops’ tattoo arrested by, you guessed it, some cops

f cops mugshot
(Tulsa Police Department)

A man with quite the face tattoo was arrested in Tulsa this week.

Paul Terry, who also sports some inked horns on his noggin, was arrested alongside Sonja Moro and the two are accused of forcing their way inside Moro’s ex-boyfriend’s home and threatening to stab them man unless he gave them money.

Terry left the residence after the man handed over his wallet. Moro stayed behind asking for more money and that is when the victim called the cops.

f cops mugshots

Police arrived and arrested Moro.  They were then easily able to find Terry, as he had some very recognizable tattoos on his face described by the victim.

Terry is being held on a complaint of robbery with a dangerous weapon after the commission of a felony, and Moro was arrested for robbery with a dangerous weapon.

(H/T Mashable)