Here is What is Happening With The Colossus Coaster

[media-credit name=”Six Flags” align=”aligncenter” width=”300″]colossus 2[/media-credit]When Magic Mountain closed down Colossus after 36 years, many were suspicious that the coaster was not done for good – and those suspicions turned out to be correct as Six Flags Magic Mountain announced plans to convert the classic wooden coaster into a “hybrid coaster” that will add two barrel roll inversions and a first-of-its-kind in the U.S. “high-five” element.

[media-credit name=”Six Flags” align=”aligncenter” width=”300″]colossus 4[/media-credit]Twisted Colossus is set to make its debut next year after undergoing a huge makeover. The LA Times has a breakdown of what is in store for riders:

Departing from the station, the train will navigate a series of bunny hops before ascending the first of two 121-foot-tall lift hills.

Following an extreme 80-degree drop at 57 mph, riders will travel through a “high five” element where the tandem trains tilt inward 90 degrees, allowing riders to almost touch hands during a dramatic near-miss moment. The “high-five” element was first introduced at China’s Happy Valley theme park with the Dueling Dragon coaster, built by Ohio-based Gravity Group, a rival to Rocky Mountain Construction.

Sign me up!!!  But that is not all for the coaster…

After a double-down drop, Twisted Colossus will pass through the first of two zero-G roll inversions, this one with a brief stall at the top.

Climbing a double-up hill, riders will experience weightlessness on an outward-banked floater before passing through the station again just as a second train on the adjacent track is dispatched.

Traveling side-by-side over the bunny hops again, the dueling trains will ascend the twin lift hills together and descend the 80-degree drops simultaneously before passing through the high-five element at the same time.

Weaving with the track from an earlier part of the journey, the first train will zoom through a second zero-G roll inversion and trim its speed as it climbs another double-up hill before heading back to the station where the passengers will disembark after a three-minute, 40-second journey.

The track will be both green and blue to show the different legs of the trip.  Riders will get to experience 18 airtime hills, two lift hills, two 80-degree drops, two zero-G roll inversions and two passes through the high-five element.

[media-credit name=”Six Flags” align=”aligncenter” width=”300″]colossus 3[/media-credit]One train every 110 seconds will leave so that riders on both tracks will simultaneously climb the parallel lift hills and navigate the high-five element together.

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