Hey Lightning, Ease Up a Bit

lightning Coachella Valley

Okay. So I know we are in a drought and it is always cool when the Desert actually sees a little bit of the wet stuff fall from the sky, but could Mother Nature ease up on the lightning a little bit?

And not just because my cat’s claws met my chest when it freaked out over some thunder earlier, but because lightning is catching everything in The Coachella Valley on fire. Via KESQ:

Cal fire crews have been busy here in the valley since around 5:00 Thursday evening, when strong storm cells came into the valley bringing with them rain, thunder and lightning, which caused several palm tree fires.

Fires were reported in Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta and Indio. There have also been reports of lightning strikes in the High Desert as well.

Luckily, so far Cal Fire has been able to put out the fires quickly, reports KESQ – and there have been no homes catching on fire.

And that could be that if the damn lightning would just cool it already!