I Have So Many Questions About One CBS Local 2 Employee Perk

CBS Local 2 Free Lunch

Rare is it that you get to actually learn something about the people who deliver you the local TV news – but, every once in a while in between the mug shots, weather guessing, and press releases viewers are offered a rare glimpse into what takes place behind the scenes.

Take for instance Wednesday night, when Local 2 Anchor / Guy Who Will Kick Your Ass at Golf Kris Long let us in on an interesting perk offered to the CBS Local 2 news team:

Hold on a second. I can’t even concentrate on what story he is talking about, or any stories from now on, because I have so many damn questions about this “free lunch program”.

Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Does the station that “stands for you” also stand while eating?
  2. Do all CBS Local 2 employees get the lunch or just the people who get to read prompters on TV?
  3. Do they make all of the employees use the “deal of the day” to save 50% on the bill?
  4. Are there kosher and vegetarian options?
  5. Does the weekend staff have to come in on a weekday to get the free lunch – and if so, do they get paid to be there for it?
  6. Does this benefit get taxed?
  7. Does KESQ staff get to eat too or are they made to stare at their sister station feasting on all the free noms?
  8. Do the reporters plan a special “look of the day” for lunch days?
  9. What happens to the leftovers?
  10. Did Ginger leave because KMIR offers a better lunch?
  11. If they get food poisoning from the free food, would they report on it?
  12. Can they bring a guest?
  13. If they can bring a guest, can I be the guest?
  14. Can I then bring a guest?
  15. If I can bring a guest, can my guest be KMIR’s Ginger Jeffries?
  16. Is this the benefit that seals the deal in contract negotiations?
  17. If breaking news happens during lunch, are they allowed to eat their sandwich on the air?
  18. Does the Weather Guessing Department predict what the lunch will be 5 days before the actual free lunch day?
  19. Are they ever right?
  20. Is this why CBS Local 2 does not have a noon newscast?

Please add your additional questions in the comments below.  Then we can all look forward to someone at Local 2 answering all of these questions very soon.