It’s going to be a long while before the Whitewater Preserve reopens

The Whitewater Preserve, which is one of the coolest (literally) places you can visit in the desert, took a brutal beating during that Valentine’s Day Storm from Hell. Now, it appears that it’s going to be closed to visitors until at least the fall.

The preserve is closed indefinitely to the public. Riverside County officials told the Desert Sun this week that they don’t expect the Whitewater Canyon Rod to the preserve to open until at least September 1.

The Whitewater Preserve sits on about 2,850 acres and is normally a busy spot with hikers and those to looking to check out the wildlife which includes bighorn sheep, deer, bears, and let us never forget: #DangerousCows.

Typically, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts take the Whitewater Road exit from Interstate 10 and turn onto a five-mile winding road before reaching the trails.

Officials estimate repair costs to the roads will be about $1.5 million.