10 reasons why Joe Galli is The Coachella Valley’s best reporter

Joe Galli LOTD

KESQ / Local 2 reporter Joe Galli went viral today (seriously, dude was everywhere – even on World Star Hip Hop) for his colorful conversation with a heckler at Westfield Mall on Thanksgiving night.  As the rest of the country gets to know Joe, here are 10 reasons why we are lucky to have him on our local TV news.

1) He has good hygiene

galli this big feature

2) He eats healthy

3) He is good with animals

4) He is even good with animals when they poop on him

5) He always knows how to work it with his #LOTD

6) He was great in Men in Black

7) He pours a mean beer

8) He is fun at parties

joe galli cannonball gif

9) He did this

10) He does not take any shit

Keep doing your thing, Joe. We will be watching.