KESQ Interviews Dumb People About Plastic Bag Ban

stupid bag woman
(screengrab KESQ)

An ordinance on plastic bag usage went into effect in Palm Springs on Monday so KESQ took to the streets to find the dumbest people they could to speak on it (you can watch the video here).

“Are we turning into Communist Russia?!” asks one Palm Springs resident. Yes. This is the thing that makes America go communist. She adds “we can’t force every single person to go along with an environmental agenda.” Even her crying kid thinks she is ridiculous.

“Environmentalists have got to quit running this country and they are the ones causing most of the problems,” says a Koch Brother old grouchy man who felt the need to quote Limbaugh wearing his dumb Tommy Bahama shirt.

On the flip side of the issue, a Palm Springs bureaucrat proclaims “We see entire continents banning or doing away with plastic bags entirely” – not exactly true. Yes, The European Union is looking to cut usage by quite a bit – but they are not doing away with them.

Phasing out plastic bags is a good thing and once you get used to it, bringing your own bags or paying a few coins for paper bags is not that big of a deal.  Other cities have done it and everything was fine.  But why talk about that on the local news when you can just show up in a grocery store parking lot and put random idiots on the TV?