What Labor Day is Like for Palm Springs Locals

Peele Sweat

Labor Day Weekend is here, and while most of the country is celebrating the unofficial end of summer with barbecues, picnics, and outdoor parties – in The Coachella Valley things are a little bit different.

Sure, you want to have fun – but that takes money, and you have been giving all of your hard earned cash to the electric company all summer just for the privilege of not dying of heat stroke:


With no cash, going out of town is not an option, the way it is for your rich friends:

The forecast calls for a high temp of only 112:

You would go in the pool to cool off, but at this time of year it has warmed up quite a bit:

So you find a cozy spot inside:

Try to catch up on all 60 hours of the unwatched recordings on your DVR:

binge watch

And maybe, invite some friends over for whatever grub you can scrounge up:

It is not the most exciting Labor Day Weekend, but it is relaxing and you should really try to enjoy it – as it is the last holiday you will have to yourself since they will be back sooner than you know it: