Lady Knocks Elderly Woman to The Ground With Her Chest Over Parking Spot

Walmart Parking Lot Fight Over Handicap Spot

Walmart Parking Lot Fight Over Handicap Spot

A 71-year-old woman had to be taken to the hospital after another driver “chest-butted” her to the ground. And all over a handicapped parking spot at Walmart.

According to a police report. 32-year-old Kezia Perkins was attempting to park in a handicapped spot at a Walmart in Greenfield, Wisconsin. When se couldn’t get the turn right, the 71-year-old swooped in to take the spot (both drivers had handicapped tags). This is when, as Fox 6 reports, things got crazy:

Surveillance photos show Perkins going up to the victim’s car and yelling through the passenger side window. After waiting a moment, the 71-year-old woman exited her vehicle, and Perkins approached her.

“This lady chest-butted,” (witness John) Rawlings said.

A nearby officer was flagged down. Perkins allegedly told police “it’s not my fault the elderly woman bounced off my big (chest).” When police ran her license, they found it is suspended and Perkins’ handicapped placard isn’t valid. That placard wasn’t even registered in Perkins’ name, police say.

(Kezia Perkins)

According to police reports, the elderly woman ended up going through five hours of surgery after the incident, as the attack allegedly caused fractures to her femur and the need for a second hip replacement. The woman says she now has a lawyer, and wishes this whole incident would “go away.”

Perkins was charged with aggravated battery.