A guy from Hollywood parked his new Lamborghini in Coachella camping all weekend

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Those camping in The Coachella Music and Arts Festival’s Lot 4 were a bit surprised to see a brand new, $500,000 Lamborghini parked on the half-dead grass.

“It’s the most L.A. thing I’ve ever seen,” festivalgoer Stefano McCoy told the San Bernardino Sun after seeing the ride.

The car belongs to Michael Long of Hollywood, who the Sun points out rose to minor fame in the 1990s as a world champion in the card game “Magic: the Gathering”…seriously.

Pretty much no one can figure out why someone would park a half million dollar car at the dusty festival grounds, including one Redditor who posted, “You have that kind of money you should get a rental car. Our car was hit with flying ez ups this year and got dinged up. No fucking way I’m taking the bat mobile to Coachella to camp.”

Long, who made his fortune with an SEO company called OMG Machines, says he never considered taking another ride to Coachella.

“This is the only car I have,” Long said. “It was a matter-of-fact decision.”

And a rental was just out of the question.

“It’s such an inconvenience,” he said.

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