Man Drives 2 Hours to The Hospital with Knife in His Head!

knife in head x ray

knife in head x ray

It is not often that we celebrate someone for driving 60 miles (a ton of people in SoCal do that every day just to work for the man) – but for a Brazilian man, a recent 2 hour ride on his motorcycle was anything but ordinary.

Juacelo Nunes got into an altercation with a guy, who then called three other men over to fight Nunes.  One of those guys had a 12 inch blade that he proceeded to stick into the head of Nunes!

The knife just missed Juacelo Nunes’ left eye and passed through his mouth into the right side of his jaw.  Nunes did not lose conciousness, hopped on his motorcycle taxi, and drove 2 hours to the hospital.

The knife was removed by doctors and Nunes is recovering surprisingly well.