Man’s “Profuse Sweating” Leads to Discovery of 6 lbs of Meth Under His Sweater

meth bust
(Border Patrol)

A 19-year-old guy was busted by Border Patrol with six pounds of meth taped to his body on Friday. The tipoff? Guy was wearing a sweater (not so ideal for Salton City’s 90+ degree temps on Friday)…and he was sweating profusely.

Agents were conducting an immigration check on a passenger bus at The Highway 86 Checkpoint at The Salton City on Friday morning when, according to KESQ:

During the inspection, agents said they noticed the young man wearing a sweater, despite sweating profusely. Upon further investigation, they discovered a package taped to the man’s abdomen.

The 6.2 pounds of meth was confiscated and the man, who was not named, was turned over to the D.E.A. for further investigation.