Meth Lab Found in Walmart Bathroom

Walmart Stuffed Animal Fire
By: Mike Mozart
(by Mike Mozart, Flickr)

Many odd things can be found inside of Walmart – ladies fighting, teenagers living there, and “mesmerizing” women with canes to name a few.  And now police in Muncie, Indiana have discovered the latest oddity: a meth lab in a Walmart bathroom.

As Fox 59 reports:

Members of the Pendleton District Meth Suppression Team said employees at Walmart, 1501 E. 29 St., Muncie, called around 11:30 p.m. after coming across a suspicious backpack in the men’s restroom. When troopers arrived to investigate, they found a backpack with an active meth lab inside.

After putting on protective masks and suits, investigators worked to dismantle the lab, removing the chemicals from the store. Police said the men’s and women’s restrooms would have to be thoroughly decontaminated after the discovery.

First of all, most bathrooms at Walmart should probably be decontaminated every day, meth lab or no meth lab (they are pretty gross).  Second, police are not sure who left the meth lab in the restroom – but, I am guessing he may look something like this…