The only thing better than an In-N-Out Burger, is an In-N-Out Burger Animal Style – which, as well know, is part of the not-at-all-secret menu of the fast food burger joint. In addition to Animal Style, other “secret” options include protein style, adding peppers to your burger, and “The Flying Dutchman” – which is just two patties with some melted cheese between them, for those times you just want to eat the way Hasselhoff does on the floor. But now, a new secret option has emerged that appears to be just that, an actual secret – and probably for the best.

The YouTube channel RoommateThings uncovered the “Tomato Wrap” this week and, yes, it is simply an In-Out-Burger served in between a couple of tomato slices instead of a bun.

Foodbeast found a few others on Yelp who had discovered the option, but also noticed just how that the Tomato Wrap option didn’t look quite as appealing as the classic bun.


And I am guessing this would be a terrible, terrible burger to attempt to eat while driving.

But, if you love In-N-Out Burger and you really love tomatoes, well this may be just thing thing you have been looking for.