Netflix Hires People Just to Watch TV


Right now, as you work your shit job for your shit boss making shit money, there are people getting paid by Netflix just to sit at home and watch television. So fuck your high school guidance counselor for not telling you that this was a thing!!

Netflix has 40 “taggers” working for them – called taggers, because they enter tags as they watch movies and television shows to enhance Netflix recommendations.  One tagger was shown on CBS This Morning adding the following tags to Silver Linings Playbook: mental illness, infidelity, dancing, depression, finding love, and recovery.

Netflix then uses those tags in a mathematical algorithm to determine those personalized recommendations you see about how you and your likes and dislikes should spend 12 hours wasting away a Sunday on the couch.  And Netflix claims they can start to pinpoint exactly what you like after just one view of one program or movie.

No word on how much the tagger position pays and it is only part time – but then if you are only sitting around watching movies all day, who needs benefits and health insurance…amirite?