You Did Not Win Powerball, But 3 Jerks Did

Remember all of those dreams you had the past few days about what you would do with the $564.1 million dollar Powerball jackpot? Those were great. Unfortunately, last night when they drew the actual numbers, those dreams of yours were quashed forever. But, there are 3 people who did win. And now our jealousy will have us hate them all.

So where are these jerks from? The jackpot winners who matched the winning numbers are in North Carolina, Texas and Puerto Rico. Names of the winners have not been announced, but we already know they are terrible people.

3 California residents will get a smaller jackpot after they matched five numbers. Those winners reside in Cypress, San Leandro in Northern California, and another in Lee Vining in Mono County. They are all, obviously, total jerks.