Palm Desert Woman Gives “Safety Advice” to Man on Skateboard, He Smashes Her Windshield With It

circle k windshield

A Palm Desert woman who felt compelled to offer a skateboarding man “safety advice” ended up getting her car’s windshield smashed with that very skateboard.

The incident happened Wednesday at The Circle K on San Pablo in Palm Desert. A woman, only identified as Kimberly, saw a man lose his skateboard in the road. She decided to offer him some “safety advice” – and that is when things went bad. Via KESQ:

“As I passed him, I rolled my window down and I just said ‘be really careful, people speed on this street.’ That was it,” said Kimberly, the woman who preferred to keep her last name private.

What happened next was shocking. As soon as the woman parked and walked into the nearby Circle K, video surveillance showed the man getting off his skateboard and smashing it over her car windshield on the drivers side.

The windshield smasher is reported to be a homeless man named “Steve”, a regular of the store, who returned to the Circle K the next day to buy a drink (he is the one with the hat on backwards):

Circle K Windshield

KESQ reports that this may be a result of the nearby St. Margaret’s Outreach Center which shut down just over a week ago.   The center had helped to feed 200 people in need a week over the last 7 years – but decided to close because neighbors complained of trash being left in the area.

As for Kimberly, she just wants to make sure this does not happen to anyone else:

“This person’s obviously unstable and we need to find him and that’s why I reached out to [KESQ/CBS Local 2]. I want to make sure that we get this gentleman off of the streets before something happens again like this or something worse.”

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