Heroic Downtown Palm Springs Bar Eliminates Annoying Karaoke!!


The Crazy Coconut in downtown Palm Springs is no more, replaced instead with…umm…well…whatever this is:

Posted by Traveling fun on Monday, June 8, 2015

So go ahead and get your drink on at “1ne 6ixty 6ix” – which is pronounced wuhn-nee, siks-iks-tee, siks-iks – I guess?

But hey, to their credit, 1ne 6ixty 6ix (it pained me to type that) are not doing karaoke anymore – because karaoke is awful.

“The diehards were mad about it and there are people disappointed we aren’t doing karaoke, but it’s just not our speed,” [co-owner Lorraine] Ferrini told The Desert Sun. “It’s not who we are or what we do. It’s loud, it’s obnoxious, and you have to put signs on your table for a two drink minimum after 10 p.m. because you get people who park themselves there and don’t drink or eat.”

Ferrini and co-owner Cindi Koulax are freakin’ heroes.  As the karaoke was done outside, not only would bar-goers hear it – but also everyone else in downtown.  But no longer!  Nope, we will never again have to be subjected to a teary and wasted old man belting out “Cats in the Cradle” right before we have to listen to a bachelorette party cackle out “Shake it Off”.

My ears (along with the ears of many) thank you 1ne 6ixty 6ix.

Now, about that name of yours…