Palm Springs Craigslist Ad for Nude New Years Eve Bartending Gig

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay
PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

Hopefully you have not made plans for New Year’s Eve yet, because a Craigslist posting may have the type of gig you have always wanted (if what you have always wanted was to serve drinks while naked to a bunch of other naked dudes).  The gig (for which you will surely not have to worry about what to wear on New Year’s Eve) is described as this:

Looking for a male, nude bartender for a nude, male New Year’s Eve Party of 10-20 guys. Must be drug free, mature acting, level headed and fun loving. You will need to be nude at our private home from 8PM to 1:00AM. Light bar tending (simple mixed drinks, beer, wine and soft drinks) will be served, and you will be asked to pick up empties, re-stock food and mingle with guests during the party whenever there is no line at the bar. Must have experience at serving cocktails. Pay will be $250.

If interested, please reply with contact info, experience, references and nude photos. This is a real gig.

So yes, if you are “mature acting”, hurry and send those nude pics of yourself in – as this is clearly a “real gig”- and only a real gig would say something like that.