Palm Springs Restaurant Replaces Free Tap Water With Imported Bottled Water Because of “Drought”

walwera water
While every other Coachella Valley restaurant will be serving water only to customers who request it, one Palm Springs eatery is taking things a bit further: replacing free tap water with imported bottled water that they are charging customers for.

Johannes Restaurant in Palm Springs will completely eliminate free water at dinner for customers and instead charge a dollar a bottle for imported Waiwera Organic Artesian Still Water from New Zealand. The restaurant said in a statement that they are doing this to preserve the environment and hope every other local restaurant does the same.

Of course, importing bottled water involves: manufacturing the bottle, transporting the empty bottle, shipping the filled bottle to the United States, shipping the filled bottle to the restaurant, manufacturing the cardboard box that the bottle was shipped in, and many, many more factors that are just wonderful for the environment.

As readers on The Cactus Hugs Facebook page have pointed out, the restaurant has not announced that they will be using the imported Waiwera water for things like cooking the food, cleaning the place, flushing toilets, watering the landscape, cleaning the dishes, etc. But I am sure that they are because they are all about the environment.