Photo: Someone went as the body on the freeway sign for Halloween

(screengrab KABC)

Too soon?

Just one day after a fatal traffic accident on the 5 freeway near Griffith Park left a driver on a freeway sign, a man only identifying himself as “Chris” was proud to show off his morbid Halloween costume to LAist:

Chris told LAist that he chose the costume because it was “disturbing, relevant, and unique.” He wore it to two parties and got varied reactions:

Although he was aware many would consider it to be in poor taste, he wore it two Halloween parties and got different responses. “The first was an industry function, and those who understood the reference were appalled and sickened, however, it was more of a ‘I hate myself for laughing’ reflex,” he explains. “At a house party, I was confronted by several people who felt it was an insensitive gesture. I beat those people up.”

What do you think?  Is it insensitive…or is it a good costume?  Let us know in the comments below…