A Pizza Eating Monkey Bit a Woman in Beaumont This Weekend

A Capuchin monkey like this one was chillin’ out, havin’ some pizza, and bitin’ ladies this weekend in Beaumont, CA

Okay, we all know monkeys are just rad. They are curious, they star in blockbuster movies, they sing…well at least the fictional monkeys do. Turns out the real ones just bite people at Beaumont pizza joints.  The Desert Sun reports:

The bite incident occurred around 3:30 p.m. Sunday at Antonio’s Pizza on Beaumont Avenue in Beaumont.

The bite victim — a 35-year-old Cherry Valley woman — suffered a laceration to one of her forearms and was treated at a local hospital, spokesman John Welsh said.

Wendelin Ringel, of Cherry Valley — the owner of the Capuchin monkey — surrendered her pet on Tuesday afternoon to Riverside County Animal Services officers and California Department of Fish & Wildlife wardens. A six-month quarantine period will be observed to make sure the monkey is not carrying the rabies virus, Welsh said.

No word on what provoked the incident – or what the fuck a monkey was doing in Beaumont…in a pizza place…on a Sunday!!!!

Update: Ringel owns not one, but three monkeys!  The woman who was bitten told The Press Enterprise what went down:

The woman who was bitten, Tricia Moreno, said she had taken her three children to the pizzeria and went outside to make a phone call when she encountered Ringel.

Moreno said in a phone interview that Ringel, who was holding the monkeys — including one that had just one arm — told Moreno not to get too close because the monkeys were her “emotional support.”

Ringel then proceeded to tell Moreno all of her personal problems. At that point, one of the monkeys escaped and ran beneath a parked car. Moreno said she retrieved the monkey, and when she handed it back to Ringel, the two-armed monkey grabbed her and bit her.

“I was in shock,” Moreno said. “I thought I was going to pass out.”

Moreno had to get stitches and will be receiving rabies shots.

Just another weird day in Beaumont.