2 arrested for planting meth and weapons in woman’s truck

Santa Ana Framers

A man and woman were arraigned in Santa Ana on Monday as police say they planted drugs and weapons in a woman’s truck.

Kevin Brown, 42, and Jennifer Beale, 37, both of Laguna Hills, are accused of planting a BB gun, a 12-inch hunting knife, and methamphetamine in the truck of a 40-year-old woman and then calling police on her.

Beale told police she saw a woman waving a gun around during an argument, reports the OC Register.  She emailed Crime Stoppers at 5:50  a.m. then called 911 nearly 6 hours later.

“She basically told them that she was alarmed, that there was something going on, and that she saw Jane Doe waving the gun,” Roxi Fyad, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office spokesperson told ABC 7. “So they (deputies) went and found what they were talking about.”

Police say the victim became suspicious of Beale after noticing that the meth found was in a sunglasses case belonging to Beale.

Police offered no motive, but said the parties involved all knew each other.

Brown and Beale were both arrested on Thursday. The victim with the truck was not arrested, according to police.

Brown and Beale both pleaded not guilty. They each face charges of conspiracy to commit a crime, false imprisonment by menace/violence/fraud/deceit, false report of emergency, and altering evidence.

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