Police use drivers license dropped at the scene to identify Palm Desert robbery suspect


Sometimes police use state-of-the-art technology and methods to identify suspects. Other times it’s a little bit more simple than that.

Alan Bautista Herrera, 20, is suspected of burglarizing a Palm Desert home in November, reports the Desert Sun.

The house, which was under construction, was surrounded by a chain link fence.  Two days prior to the three air conditioning units being taken from the home, the homeowner noticed part of the fence had been cut and found Herrera’s drivers license at the scene.

Investigators later searched Herrera’s house and found two of the air conditioning units. Herrera admitted to investigators that he and a friend visited the home a few days prior to the robbery and that’s when he likely dropped his license. He also said he and another friend entered the property a few days later by squeezing through the fence.

Herrera is charged with burglary and conspiracy. He pleaded not guilty Monday in Riverside County Superior Court.