Previously Stolen and Dyed Pit Bull Escapes Yard of Rightful Owner

dyed dog

Many were baffled at the story of Coco the pit bull puppy this past week and now the story has taken yet another turn.

Coco, you may remember, showed up at a San Jacinto animal shelter this past week sporting a bad dye job. A scan of the dog’s microchip showed that she was supposed to be a much lighter color and had been reported missing from her rightful owners – whom she was reunited with.

But now, Coco is missing!!!

Coco’s owner let her outside to pee, went inside, and came back a few minutes later to find the dog had dug its way out under a fence.

Coco’s fur is still a chocolate brown because the black dye hasn’t washed out completely.

Anyone who spots the 8-month-old puppy may call her owner on her cell phone at 951-537-0018.