Rancho Mirage Looks to Outlaw Young People

keep out

City leaders in Rancho Mirage have hatched a plan to ensure that no person with healthy skin and quick reflexes spends a minute enjoying themselves in their town. The Desert Sun reports that city leaders are looking to implement a rule stating you must be at least 30 to rent a vacation home in the city:

City leaders are in the process of bumping up the minimum age of the actual renter from 21 years old to 30 years, which is stricter than the 25-year-old requirement that Palm Springs recently adopted.

The proposed ordinance — applied to homes rented for fewer than 28 days at a time — also would forbid people from going up to the roof and ban all amplified outdoor music.

Keep in mind, there are still some things the old people will allow you to do in Rancho Mirage if you are 29 or younger:

  • wait on the tables
  • housekeeping
  • clean bed pans
  • landscaping
  • pool cleaning

So feel free to serve all of the needs of The Rancho Mirage elderly (or even fight for their country overseas), just do not even think about renting one of their houses for the weekend – especially for a rooftop, music party!

(image via Bradley Gordon / CC)

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