Video: Rancho Mirage Woman Finds Perfect Parking Spot at The River: The Front Door of The YardHouse

Elderly Drive Palm Springs

The parking situation at The YardHouse in Rancho Mirage can be pretty terrible at times. But one woman found a way to get the best parking spot possible. Drive onto the walkway, right up to the front door of The YardHouse.

The video below, sent in by a newstip an amazing Cactus Hugs reader, shows a woman driving right up on the walkway at The River in Rancho Mirage and up to the front door of The YardHouse – because screw all of those P.F. Chang’s and Cheesecake Factory employees who always take the best parking spots!

I am told that the elderly woman drove up to the front door, at which point she realized she may have made a mistake. She then turns around and heads back to the parking lot. During the incident, no security guards can be seen (odd since the city was so afraid of bad things happening at the center).

Luckily, nobody was injured – but remember, unlike the elderly driving on the sidewalk, it is the under-30-year olds who are the real danger in Rancho Mirage.

Thanks again to the awesome tipster for the video. Be sure to send your videos, pics, and news tips to us.