Riverside car thief who ‘doesn’t like to walk’ has been early released 4 times in 3 years


The Desert Sun reports today on a jail crowding issue facing Riverside County in which less serious felony offenders get released early to make room for other inmates. These “fed kicks,” as they are known, has seen 35,000 inmates released early over the past five years, according to the paper – including one man who keeps stealing cars so he doesn’t have to use the heel-toe express.

Joe Garcia, 25, is a “prolific car thief,” according to police and has been stealing cars with shaved keys in Riverside County for the past three years:

Riverside police say Garcia steals cars not to sell them or scrap them but just because he “doesn’t like to walk.” Whenever he is caught, Garcia pleads guilty quickly and then waits for the jail to let him go to make space for someone else.

Maybe we can all chip in for a bus pass for this guy if he promises to not steal our cars anymore?

Joe Garcia (Riverside Police Department via Desert Sun)
Joe Garcia (Riverside Police Department via Desert Sun)

The newspaper notes that Garcia has has been fed kicked four times in the last three years, with almost 3 years of jail time wiped out of his sentences.

The article offers a lot more insights into the prison overcrowding issues and is worth a few minutes to check out.  Read it here.