San Bernardino Coach Suspended After Winning Game 161-2

161 to 2 final score

The Arroyo Valley High School team is very, very good. So good that their coach just got suspended because his team won a game 161-2.

Coach Michael Anderson was suspended for two games. This comes after his team’s victory against Bloomington High School on Jan. 5.

The girls basketball team at Arroyo Valley in San Bernardino has been unstoppable this year – beating their opponents by an average of 56 points per game. The previous four games saw victories by at least 70 points.

Anderson claims he was not trying to run up the score but says if he had it to do again, he’d have played only reserves after the first quarter, or, “I wouldn’t play the game at all.”

But Bloomington coach Dale Chung told The San Bernardino Sun that Arroyo Valley used a full-court press for the entire first half to lead 104-1 at halftime.

Anderson’s son stepped in to coach during the first game of the suspension and the team won 80-19.