San Diego Concert Goer Claims Steve Aoki Broke Her Neck During Show

(via 10 News)
(via 10 News)
(via 10 News)

DJ Steve Aoki is getting sued by a San Diego woman who claims that he broke her neck as a result of a stage dive.

Brittany Hickman attended a concert at San Diego’s Hard Rock Hotel called “Intervention” three years ago. Hickman and some friends were standing near the front of the stage during Steve Aoki’s set when the artist tossed a pool raft into the crowd and then jumped onto it from 20 feet above.

“I was trapped underneath the pool raft because they threw it out right where i was standing,” Hickman told 10 News. “My friends told me he landed on top of the pool raft, hit me on top of the head and I got knocked over.”

Security footage shows the incident:

Hickman says that it knocked her unconscious and friends say a security guard carried her to get treatment – but, she was soon released back into the concert.

Hickman went back home to Arizona.  She started feeling more pain and so she went to the doctor.  Tthat, according to 10 News, is when things got much worse:

“The doctor comes in and he says ‘don’t move.’ The medics come over and start to put a neck brace on me. And I remember thinking what’s going on. And the doctor said you broke your neck,” said Hickman.

The doctors told Hickman she could have paralyzed herself in between the time she left San Diego and went to the hospital.

“If I would have thrown my arms above my head or reached for something, I could have paralyzed myself,” she said.

Hickman was in the hospital for 3 days and was not allowed to work for 2 months.   She is now suing both Aoki and the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego.  “Don’t trust that just because you’re paying for a ticket to a show that you’re going to be protected by the venue or the performer,” her attorney, Jeremiah Lowe told 10 News.

The Hard Rock Hotel had no comment on the lawsuit, but Steve Aoki’s attorney, Peter Doody, responded with a statement to 10 News:

“Thank you for your inquiry. As you know I am the attorney representing Mr. Aoki. This matter arises out of an incident which occurred at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, three years ago. In addition to Mr. Aoki, Ms. Hickman is also suing Hard Rock. Trial in this matter is scheduled for August 28, 2015 before Judge Pressman of the San Diego Superior Court. Because of the ongoing litigation and the pending trial date it would not be appropriate for us to respond to your inquiry at this time or permit an interview.”