Politicians, thanks for making the Coachella Valley so beautiful this time of year


As most parts of the country welcome autumn with sweater weather and breathtaking views of leaves changing colors and falling off trees, we in the Coachella Valley get a slightly different fall experience: ugly political yard signs as far as the eye can see.

Sure, these signs can be seen outside the desert as well – but what makes them really stand out in the Coachella Valley is the harsh restrictions on signage for everyone who is not a politician.

So while businesses and people having yard sales can’t put up signs,  those running for office are free to stick their newly made (and recycled) signs just about any place they damn well please in hopes that you will vote for them based on name recognition rather than remembering that as an incumbent they gave a city manager accused of showing naked pictures of an employee around the office nearly $300,000 of your taxpayer dollars.

You would think those overseeing a resort area that is entering its high tourist season would be pretty concerned with a bunch of ugly signs littering what is usually a beautiful community, but then the local politicians don’t seem to care much for snowbirdstourists, or locals no matter what time of year it is.