Coachella Valley: Why September 22 is a day you can look forward to

The iconic Palm Springs sign located at the Visitors Center at the base of the tram

During the scorching hot summer months, there is not a ton to look forward to in the Coachella Valley – well, other than the time that flaming ball in the sky finally hides behind the mountain each day. This time of year does not have many events going on in town, despair (and the smell of sweat) is everywhere, and you are broke as all of your money is going to the electric company in order to cool your house. But, now you can have something to look forward to: September 22.

Why September 22? Well not because it is Scott Baio’s birthday – but because, according US Climate Data, that is the first day the average temperature in Palm Springs falls below 100 degrees:


Now sure, it is weather and you never know what is going to happen from day to day  – but, if the law of averages holds up, September 22nd might be the first day in a long time you can get into your car and not feel like a roasting turkey on Thanksgiving.

Let the countdown begin.