SoCal Bakery Shut Down After 40+ People Hallucinate on Drug-Laced Bread

(via NBC 4)

A bakery in The OC has been shut down and is being investigated after 40 customers reported getting sick, hallucinating, and even having out-of-body experiences(!) after eating Three Kings bread.

Officials shut down Cholula’s Bakery in Santa Ana on Wednesday after nurses at several hospitals contacted police due to patients turning up sick.  So far, 40 customers have reported symptoms and all of them had eaten Three Kings bread (a.k.a. Three Kings cake or Rosca de Reyes bread, is eaten on Jan. 6 to celebrate the religious holiday Three Kings Day).

When officials began investigating the bakery, they found a huge cockroach infestation and immediately shut it down (it has been closed ever since).  Health officials also tested the cakes and found a synthetic drug in it (no word on what drug it was) – so police opened a criminal investigation.

The bakery will stay closed until it can meet 3 three criteria — it gets cleaned, everything used to make the bread gets thrown away, and all staff is trained on food safety.