SoCal Guy Allegedly Ate His Girlfriend’s Pet Rabbit Then Threatened to Do Same to Her

A SoCal man was arrested Sunday after allegedly skinning and eating part of his ex-girlfriend’s pet rabbit and then threatening to do the same thing to her.

Dimitri Diatchenko, an actor who has appeared on Sons of Anarchy and Criminal Minds, had broken up with his girlfriend some time back, but they had continued to live live together in North Hollywood after the breakup.

Things went out of control on Dec. 7 when the woman said she did not want to live together any longer. While she was out of the house, Diatchenko is alleged to have proceeded to kill the pet rabbit. He then allegedly skinned, cooked, at ate half of the rabbit – sending her pictures of the entire process.

Diatchenko then allegedly threatened to do the same to her when she returned home.

Diatchenko will be arraigned on Dec. 30.

He faces up to four years and eight months in prison if convicted.