Someone paid $100k to name the Living Desert’s baby giraffe

The Living Desert’s newest addition, an adorable giraffe calf, has a new name bestowed on her by someone who paid $100,000 for the privilege.

The calf, now known as Vicki Lou, was bord on March 20 to mother, Dadisi, and father, Hesabu.

The donor of the money wished to remain anonymous – probably because when people around them find out they have that much cash to throw at naming a giraffe, they are going to ask to borrow money or, if this person is their boss, for a big fat raise.

“We are thrilled to formally announce our baby giraffe’s name – Vicki Lou,” said Allen Monroe, President/CEO of The Living Desert. “The generous naming gift will continue to support The Living Desert’s conservation initiatives and programs that help save giraffe from extinction.”

Also, just a quick note here, if anyone reading this happens to be in the mood to throw down $100,000 to name something, I am more than happy to rename this website to literally anything you want.