Something Called “Rain” is Coming to The Coachella Valley



Something that the rest of the country refers to as “rain” may actually be heading to The Coachella Valley this week.  The weather forecast says the rain should arrive Tuesday – with about 1/2 of rain possible by the time the storm leaves town.

Since you Desert Rats may have forgotten what “rain” is (it being a desert and all) – it is that wet stuff that falls from the sky once every 6 months or so. Other phenomena associated with rain in Palm Springs:

  • Your Facebook feed will include nothing but pictures and videos of rain.
  • No one will remember how to drive on wet roads (and you will be reminded that yes, it is possible for snow birds to somehow drive even worse).
  • Locals will completely overdress in 9 layers and ski jackets (hey, I guess you have to find any excuse to wear it)
  • The local media will get very, very weird.
  • Streets will go from completely dry to completely flooded in 30 seconds (and only 10 drops of rain).
  • Every hospitality worker will be burdened with hearing about how the one day of rain is completely ruining someone’s vacation.
  • Someone will do this or this.
  • Some asshole will repeat to everyone he talks to that “this does not mean the drought is over”.

Enjoy the rain Coachella Valley!