Steve-O Thinks Sea World Sucks, Changes Freeway Sign

sea world

Back in May, a freeway sign in San Diego was altered to read “ Sea World Sucks” (thanks again Blackfish). No one took credit for it at the time – though Fox 5 suspected it was Jackass star Steve-O…you know, since they saw him right next to it.

Flash forward 3 months later and Steve-O has released a video (below)showing that, yes he did it.

“I’m putting my foot down for Shamu,” he proclaims in the video.

And while Shamu probably appreciates it (oh, poor Tilikum), authorities are still kinda’ pissed. The California Department of Transportation released the following statement:

“We consider defacing public property at a cost to state taxpayers an unlawful act and a dangerous distraction for motorists. We will refer all information to the California Highway Patrol.”