Study: California’s Drought is Worst in 1,200 Years

California Drought

California Drought
You have now been a part of history.

A new report from The American Geophysical Union Journal shows that Californians are living through the most severe three-year drought in the last 1,200 years! So congratulations on being a part of that awfulness.

While there have been other three-year periods with less rain, The Drought of 2012-14 is now regarded as the worst drought in a millennium due to both “anomalously low” precipitation and “record-high” temperatures.

The study showed the current drought to be more extreme than droughts that went on for much longer stretched even longer – one went nine years.

Researchers also found that over the last 1,200 years, three-year droughts have occurred about 37 times – with nearly half of them lasting a total of 4 years or longer.

Let’s hope not.