Study: You Have a Higher Risk of Dying in Car Crash on Tax Day

Tax day is here and if handing over your hard earned cash to the man is not bad enough for you, along comes a study that shows your chances of dying in a car crash are higher today than a normal day. All the more reason to stay home and make a fort out of pillows.

The study, seen in the Journal of the American Medical Association, shows a 6% increase in traffic fatalities on tax day. But why? The LA Times tries to figure it out:

The data don’t reveal why crashes are more common on tax days. Alcohol probably isn’t a factor – the trend isn’t accentuated at night, when drinking is more common, the researchers wrote.

More likely, drivers are simply stressed out by their taxes and thus more prone to accidents. Making matters worse, these last-minute filers may be suffering from sleep deprivation after staying up late to finish their 1040s. They also may be driving on unfamiliar streets to find a post office that’s open late, according to the study.

Tax day is not the most dangerous time to be on the roads, Presidential elections and Super Bowl Sunday were found to have more vehicle related deaths – but, at least those days give us a winner and a loser…unlike tax day: where we all just lose.