Teen shoots at Uber driver because of social media posts


A 16-year-old was arrested after police say he fired multiple shots at an Uber driver’s car after the two argued over social media posts.

Saturday night about 10 pm a 16-year-old and 18-year-old had an Uber pick them up in Mission Beach in San Diego.

The 16-year-old realized that he had left his phone in the car after being dropped off in Valencia Park and asked the Uber driver to return it. The driver agreed, but said he had to drop off another passenger first, according to NBC 7.

The new passenger saw that the teenager had been saying bad things about the Uber driver on social media and the Uber driver and passenger posted on social media about it.

When the Uber driver returned to drop off the phone, the driver and teenager got in an argument about the posts.

As the Uber driver drove away, the 16-year-old fired several shots at his car shattering windows, but leaving the driver uninjured.

“I heard about five or six shots,” Arlean Harris, a neighbor, told Fox 5.

The teen was arrested a short time later.

“Most of these incidents are being caused because of kids who are not being governed. So, personally I blame the parents,” said Harris.