The ‘Storage Wars’ auctioneer has a story about $7.5 million in cash being found in a storage locker


Dan Dotson, the auctioneer from Storage Wars a reality show that *checks notes* is still on claims that a woman in Indio told him about an auctioned storage locker that was found to contain $7.5 million in cash and I guess we just have to believe that it happened. 

The story goes that during a charity event in Indio earlier this month, Dotson claims a woman approached him and told him that some storage unit somewhere was found to have $7.5 million in it, according to the Daily Mail.

Dotson wouldn’t give the woman’s name, the city where the storage locker was, or any other information – citing safety concerns, but he says it happened and posted a video with the phone held the wrong way, so there’s that – and, call me crazy, but I just don’t believe everything people tell me nowadays, especially someone from a show that isn’t exactly, how do I put this, not fake.

He also posted some photos of what appears to be cash in a duffel bag and in a bathtub on Twitter to promote gtheir logos and the next season of Storage Wars which, yes, is still on.

According to Dotson’s story, if you believe it, the old owner got in contact with the new owner and they negotiated a deal where the new owner kept $1.2 million and gave the other $6.3 million back and sure, that’s what happened.