There is a Cop Shortage in The Coachella Valley

There are less cops patrolling the Coachella Valley than there used to be reports KMIR. And while this might make you happy that there are a few less people hiding in bushes with radar guns, it should also make you sad (and maybe scared) that there are less people cruising around preventing crime, robberies, murders, and stuff.

So why the shortage of cops? Via KMIR:

Reasons for the shortage include the lack of qualified candidates and fewer people who actually want to work in law enforcement. Small salaries are also becoming a challenge in Desert Hot Springs. “Obviously if you’re not paying as well as other agencies, its not going to attract the people that the other higher paying agencies will,” Desert Hot Springs Police Commander Jim Henson said.

Henson told KMIR that the lower number of officers is not affecting the patrolling of the city, but he did admit that current officers are forced to work longer hours and are not getting days off like they used to.  And call me crazy, but I prefer my cops to be well rested and not stressed out.

So, if you, or someone you know, is qualified (and will not give me or any Cactus Hugs reader unnecessary traffic tickets), there are currently 26 job openings in law enforcement in The Coachella Valley (if you are interested, click on the city for info on how to apply):