The Top 15 Hot Dog Toppings Ranked

Hot Dog

This list ranks in descending order, from least favorite to most awesome, the top 15 toppings for a hot dog.  This list is final, no appeals…no exchanges.  Ketchup is nowhere on this list as ketchup should never be put on a hot dog for any reason ever – even if asked to do so at gunpoint. 

15) Mayonnaise

14) Tomato

13) Cole Slaw

12) Cream Cheese (do not knock it until you have tried it)

11) Jalapenos

10) Sauerkraut

9) Sport Peppers

8) Pickle Spear

7) Raw Onion

6) Cheese

5) Grilled Onions

4) Bacon

3) Sweet relish

2) Chili

1) Mustard

You can leave a comment on Facebook if you disagree, but – as Dirt Harry explains below – if you mention ketchup, you are wrong