The Top 20 Cactus Hugs Stories of 2014

Cactus Hugs Top Stories 2014
inspirexpressmiami / Pixabay
Cactus Hugs Top Stories 2014
inspirexpressmiami / Pixabay

The end of 2014 is upon us and with it, more year-end lists than you know what to do with!

Cactus Hugs is joining the party with our top 20 most read stories of the year (well, half-year…as the website did not exist until late June).  You guys read, shared, and commented on plenty of articles – and we thank you for all of your support.

So what were the things that you enjoyed reading most in 2014? Here you go:

20) 5 People Who Can Not Vacation in Rancho Mirage

The entitled elderly-person community of Rancho Mirage banned twenty-year-old vacation home renters in 2014.

19) Couple Found Passed Out On Golf Course Overnight in La Quinta

One couple in La Quinta had a hell of a night.

18) 9 Signs The Snowbirds Are Back in Palm Springs

The moment they come back, everything in The Desert changes.

17) Going to College in The Coachella Valley vs. Going to College Somewhere Else

Going to school in The Coachella Valley is a bit different than attending school somewhere else.

16) Greedy Palm Springs Neighborhood Hates Nature & Kids

A group of neighbors near Raymond Cree Middle School freaked out over solar panels.

15) Palm Desert Man Probably Did Not Cut Off His Own Junk

The TV news reported a Palm Desert man cut off his own junk. It probably did not happen, but I am sure it was fun for them to report on it.

14) Guy “Throws Son Over Balcony” in Mean (and Hilarious) Prank

This is just mean (and pretty funny).

13) 12-Year-Old California Boy Commits Suicide After Being Bullied for Being a Cheerleader

A heartbreaking tragedy in Folsom.

12) 10 Instagram Photos of Monday’s Coachella Valley Flooding

This summer brought really weird weather to The Coachella Valley

11) The Internet is Freaking Out Over a Tara Reid Picture Taken in Palm Springs

One picture of Tara Reid in a bikini made so many people upset.

10) Breaking News: Total Hottie Marries Some Guy

Get a room you two!

9) Guy Sneaks In & Poses as Photographer at Coachella & Other Festival – Becomes Legit Photographer

This guy is living the dream (no matter what security guards say)

8) As Crazy as it Sounds, There is a Chance for Snow in Palm Springs This Week

Will 2014 end with the weirdest weather ever?

7) Oh No, The Audience for This Twerking Contest is Just…

The kids! Think about the kids!!

6) Justin Bieber Golfed (and Ate a Shitty Burger) in Rancho Mirage This Weekend

The Biebs visited The Coachella Valley.

5) Watch 3 Grandmas Smoke Weed For the First Time

Peer pressure must have finally gotten to them.

4) Family Pickets Indio School Principal Because He Told Them Not to Park in Fire Lane

Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School in Indio was home to one of the oddest protests ever seen.

3) Is There a Palm Springs “Midget Town”?

Is the rumor of a community of little people true?

2) Charlie Sheen’s Ice Bucket Challenge is the Best

There were lots of ice bucket challenges…but this one was superior to them all.

1) Yucca Valley Restaurant Closes, Calls Town Residents “Inbred, Meth Snorting Hicks”

A High Desert restaurant closed down in a very strange way.