TV Report: Sun City Residents Drive Like A**holes

(screengrab: KMIR)
(screengrab: KMIR)
(screengrab: KMIR)

Sure, you know that the snowbirds in The Coachella Valley are not known for being the best drivers on Highway 111, but did you know that they drive even worse closer to home. It’s true! KMIR even reported on it!

Sun City Shadow Hills resident Cherlye Kortman wrote into KMIR about her retirement community’s traffic rules – she also wore a cool hat for her TV interview:

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 3.30.07 PM
(screengrab: KMIR)

Kortman was miffed that she was caught rolling through a stop sign and that Sun City’s traffic police (they have their own there) fined her $200 for it.

When asked by KMIR reporter Kitty Alvarado “what her heart felt when she saw that amount” (yes, that was a question asked on the TV news), Kortman said, “it sunk”.

You see to Kortman, Sun City is a retirement community of people living on fixed incomes (sidenote: unless you are getting a raise every day of your life, aren’t we all on fixed incomes), and she thinks she should pay far less for driving like a maniac.  She also believes that her fine is a “Gestapo tactic” by the homeowners association!

And Kortman is not alone.  This man’s hands totally agree when interviewed in the story.

(screengrab: KMIR)
(screengrab: KMIR)

The hands, and only the hands, call the whole thing “crazy”.

Over 500 people (interesting number considering the graphic below) have now signed a petition to reduce fines, but the homeowners association said the community’s speeding and failure to stop problems are “way out of control”.

Wait, they speed inside of those gates?  Why do they then go so slow outside of them?

And look at how traffic many violations are happening there!

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 3.30.56 PM
(screengrab: KMIR)

There was no word on why the residents drive like assholes or how they feel in their hearts about it.   Also, none of them agreed to simply slow down or make a complete stop to solve the problem.

Just be glad that there is a gate to keep everyone under 55 out, because it seems like Sun City Shadow Hills is the Indy 500 / demotion derby on most days.

Watch the story below and then beware of elderly drivers!

KMIR News | Palm Springs, California